The Team

PyCascades is organized by members of the Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland Python communities. Our goal is to host a diverse, accessible, and memorable conference.

Feel free to reach out to anyone of us with suggestions, concerns or even just to say that you're excited for PyCascades 2024.

Ben Berry

Conference Chair

Ben is an SRE based in Seattle. He currently works on a private Platform-as-a-Service, and has previously worked in SRE and DevOps roles at the Allen Institute for Cell Science, Blue Nile, and Intermedia. When he’s not working, Ben is out backpacking, running, camping, and fiddling around with astrophotography.

Andres Pineda

Speaker Support Chair

Andres is a tech enthusiast with a background in building UX for Mobile and Web Applications. He is passionate about OSS, A11y, and community collaboration.

Angel Hoeppner

Grants Chair

Angeleah is relatively new to Python, but not programming. She fell in love with the Logo Turtle at 10 and never looked back. She currently works as an IT technician at a local business where she lives in the Gulf Islands. When she’s not glued to her computer screen she loves hiking and photography, is learning to sew, and spends too much time doing puzzles with her partner.

Chethana Gopinath

Diversity Chair

Chethana is a Software Engineer at and a Senior Lead at WWCode Python. She has a Masters in Computer Science from SUNY Binghamton and now resides in California. She enjoys learning, solving problems, and spends her free time experimenting with new cuisines and flavors in her kitchen and exploring beautiful scenic places.

Denny Perez

Program Chair

Denny is a Software QA Analyst with an accounting degree who is passionate about building communities. She is currently a Github community leader, helping to organize events and empowering the Spanish-speaking tech community. In her spare time, she helps many Python communities (mentoring, organizing events, speaking, etc.).

Holly Becker

Volunteer Chair

Holly is a Software Developer in Vancouver. She mostly works in Python and Ruby on web development with a soft spot for database performance. Outside of tech, she enjoys reading speculative fiction, playing board games, and cycling to places to look for birds.

Madison Swain-Bowden

IT Chair

Madison is a Senior Data Engineer & Team Lead out of Seattle and an avid Python user/organizer. She is currently sponsored by Automattic to work on the open source project Openverse, and has worked at Ookla (, the Allen Institute for Cell Science, and the Broad Institute. In her spare time she can be found baking, building digital tools to help those battling oppression, contributing to open source, walking her dog, reading queer fiction, or playing video games.

Robin Reynolds-Haertle

Sprints Chair

Robin is a technical writer, software developer, author, educator, fiber artist, and Yellowstone enthusiast. She spent two decades writing developer documentation at Microsoft and a decade analyzing clinical trial data at the University of Washington. Outside the office, she taught C# programming, authored a book on object-oriented programming, and was a teaching assistant for a compiler theory class. In her spare time, she sew all kinds of things and uses Python to make fun projects from her Yellowstone photos.

Wendy Grus

Sponsorship Chair

Wendy is a Senior Data Scientist at Snowflake and has worked at Ginkgo Bioworks, Hulu, and INRIX. She was a long-time organizer of Seattle PyLadies. In her spare time she can be found playing or watching ice hockey, making tie-dye, and playing music.

Eliza Sarobhasa


CTO at Women Who Drone and Chief Architect / Head of Engineering at Narratic Labs. In my free time I enjoy hiking in the mountains of the pacific northwest, cooking thai food, and shooting with my film cameras since 2004. I code, fly a drone, and volunteer with PyLadies.

Seb Vetter


Seb has been moving around Western Canada for the last few years. He's explored the Canadian Rockies and recently settled back on the West Coast of British Columbia. He loves contributing to community building in different aspects of life. He's an avid mountain biker and works part-time as an outdoor guide.