Monday, April 8th, 9am - 5pm PST

This year at PyCascades, we are offering in-person and remote sprints.



  • Same as the conference days (Walker-Ames room, Kane Hall)
  • Project specific channels of communication (slack, discord etc)


  • Project channels on Venueless
  • Project specific channels of communication (slack, discord etc)

About Sprints

Sprints offer an excellent opportunity to get contributors and developers together and to squash several bugs in a relatively short time.

The mentored sprints at PyCascades focus on providing developers of all experience levels with a supportive environment in which they can learn, collaborate, expand their network, and celebrate their victories at the end of it.

Furthermore, it serves as an excellent opportunity for open source projects to get some practical advice around inclusion and how to serve a global and diverse pool of contributors, and even establish longer-term mentor-mentee or contributor relationships.

If you have an open source project and would like to participate, please fill out this interest form or contact us at sprints@pycascades.com.

Participating Projects

  • Openverse: Openverse is a powerful search engine for GPL-compatible images, audio, and more. Good first issues can be found on the GitHub repo.
  • PursuedPyBear: At its core, ppb provides a number of features that make it perfect for video games. The GameEngine itself provides a pluggable subsystem architecture where adding new features is as simple as subclassing and extending System. Additionally, it contains a state stack of Scenes simple containers that let you organize game scenes and UI screens in a simple way. A list of good first issues can be found on the GitHub repo.
  • Nonogram solver: A nonogram is a grid-based logic puzzle. Help us code an efficient solver or hint system for larger nonogram grids. This project is sponsored by Software Resources.
  • PyOpenSci: PyOpenSci provides scientific Python package recommendations and guidance curated by pyOpenSci.
  • python-patterns: python-patterns is a collection of patterns implemented in Python. The project is accepting new patterns or updates to issues.


Q: I am new to Python or have never contributed to an open source project, is this an event for me?
A: Definitely! We will have mentors and helpers at hand to support you through your open source contributions.

Q: Do I have to contribute code?
A: Coding is not the only way in which you can contribute to an Open Source project, there are many ways in which you can help. For example, you can help writing or improving documentation, helping design a new logo, improving a project's website or help triage open issues or review other's contributions.

Q: What will I need on the day?
A: You will need a laptop along with access to PyCascades Venueless and Slack. We have also prepared some handy guides for you to get the basics of your development environment up and running: Resources for Contributors

Q: I would like to mentor or help on the day. Do I have to be a project maintainer?
A: Not necessarily, you can mentor others if you've got some open source experience. We are also always looking for helpers on the git desk to help with those pesky git issues such as merge conflicts and the occasional scary rebasing.

Q: Do you have a Code of Conduct?
A: Yes, the PyCascades Code of Conduct applies to the sprints.

Additional questions?

If you have any other questions that are not covered in the FAQs please feel free to reach out to us at sprints@pycascades.com.

You can also discuss sprints on our #sprints channel on Slack.