Building GraphQL microservices using FastAPI

FastAPI is a Python web framework built on top of the ASGI standard. The fusion of GraphQL and FastAPI emerges as a pivotal approach for constructing agile and scalable microservices. This talk delves into the symbiotic relationship between GraphQL's query flexibility and FastAPI's high-performance capabilities. Attendees will gain insights into seamless integration techniques, leveraging FastAPI's asynchronous framework, dependency injection, and GraphQL's expressive querying.

About Aby M Joseph

Aby is a Product Engineer at UST working in the travel domain. With a keen eye for detail and a desire to improve, he is currently exploring more on the Python microservices and the GraphQL ecosystem.

Aby has been a speaker at several Python conferences and remains actively involved in the Trivandrum Python Community's activities. He also has experience in resolving various business problems by combining purpose-led research and digital technology innovation with rapid prototyping.

About Thameem Karakkoth

A driven backend developer at UST, Thameem thrives on innovation. He constantly delves into the latest software engineering trends, design and architecture concepts, cybersecurity advancements, and more.

Thameem's passion extends beyond coding, as he's a speaker at tech conferences and a supportive mentor to budding developers.